RACIST Newt Gingrich Has Been Ousted! And His Little MINIONS on Facebook TOO!

Who would have thought that a simple jab Newt Gingrich would stir up so much hate from his constituents. Let me take that back. I knew what went on in the minds of many regarding their opposition to our President. I had a feeling that many hated the fact that we have a black president and will do anything to remove him even if it sends this country into poverty while stripping us from our civil liberties and freedoms. What I didn’t know is that they had the balls to say it out loud or in print like their Messiah NEWT! What really perturbs them to the max is that we have brains, we are educated, and we can read and write. They HATE that. Well here goes some more TRUE feelings of those hateful people that in turn calls many like me RACIST for speaking out against their white night. No pun intended. I guess the Lunchin Chicks set him off as well.

See below.

Robert Hensley

So much for intelligent or inventive response.”grammatical errors “..lol..that’s fresh, not seen liberal nuts use that all over the net on every person who does not agree with them. Is there like a format you are all required to follow. Is this something they tell you to use to make others feel you are more intelligent? It certainly doesn’t work on me, I know a fool when I hear one. The race card, hurt the poor, killing grandma. I wonder, do you have a original thought at all? Obama? Really? the man is a loser who took the office knowing the job ahead. He had complete control for two year’s with the congress and the senate. Obama blames everyone for everything bad, takes credit for everything good, but doesn’t do the work on any of it. He passes the buck and runs off to vacation some were. He has no leadership ability’s and has cause this nation to spend more then any one term ever has. Trillions spent and zero results. I cant stand the loser, I don’t like his black side or his white side and if he had another color, I wouldn’t like it either. You know nothing about me to assume that I know nothing about poverty and you would of never pushed me off the swing. I grew up knowing what it was like to have to go outside my community to get the positive influences that would save my life. Allow me to go from sweeping floors to owning my own business, that yes, I am a slave to. A slave to the tax I have to spend so others who would have 10 kids they cant afford can live better. I love your plan to fix it, buy more books, more computers, bla bla bla, spend more, wow that another original thought. We spend more on education then any other nation, yet we hear we are falling behind faster and faster. Some day when you grow up and have a real job instead of living a dream let me guess, you are a big time “production company”…lol I own a night club and meet plenty of those…lol..Your going to have dig much deeper to find something better then anything you have used over and over on everyone else. I am not everyone else, I have ran in every circle and there’s not a lot I don’t know about alll of them.
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2Gyrlzandacam Productions do you know simple arithmetic. robert+newt=hitler Robert Hensley second math problem. robert+assumption=dumb ass. OBAMA=BLACK PRESIDENT………. and last but not least… robert+sheets and holes+
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2Gyrlzandacam Productions
by the way Robert Hensley did you legally change your name from the previous… Jim Jones… Not the rapper either. PREACH on BROTHER!!! GRAB your sheets………….. and kiss my BLACK ASS!

Disclaimer: There’s a lot of cussing and fussing going on in here. The Lunchin Chicks are clutching their pearls as we just express our views with no script just attitude. Since these fools think they can say what the want in the name of “getting their country back”, why can’t we?

Greetings friends. As some of you may know, I have made it my business to express my disdain for the word vomit recently expressed by the Republican Party’s TOP buffoon Newt Gingrich. Once I heard word of his racist ideology via the Russ Parr Morning show, I immediately wanted to throw up in my mouth. The nerve of this second time running for president (as to why, I have no clue), silver top straw mop head to imply that black women do not want to work. His logic is that we remain poor because we will not mop a floor or clean a toilet. Or better yet, tell us to go and grab a broom and mop. Really Newt? His other “light bulb” moment came when he spewed some hot gibberish about how the black race does not want to go to work on Mondays.

As I was on Facebook harassing the Newt Gingrich page, a few chimed in with retorts containing personal jabs diverting the attention to the issue at hand. As soon as I mentioned OBAMA……they went HAM! The minions started with the personal attacks,leaving me no other choice. Let the antagonism begin. They deleted me from the “LIKE” page by the way. Like I truly care CHUMP! My mission was COMPLETE as I ruffled the feathers of the puppets with steel strings who are unwilling to think outside the box instead of trying to stay in their circles.

Check out Some of the MINION’S Responses Below:

Robert Hensley

The word racist has lost any of its credibility because of people like yourself who would label anyone who does not agree with you. The fact that Newt would do something to get kids from following in their parents foot steps, going from welfare generation to welfare generation, you would find offensive. As if the black community owns the rights to poverty. There are many people who are white and on the dull as well, in one form or another. He only suggests things to address the issue and fix it when others to included Obama do not. Most Democrats love the poor, it gains them votes, keeping the poor down keeps them in office. I find your statements and your analyses of Newt to be racist’s. You are single minded to the point of blindness that someone would actually want to do something to help the next generation of poverty have the ability to rise above it. It was Newt who himself as speaker of the house passed a bill that drove welfare and foodstamps down to the lowest numbers it has or had been. Then the Dems took office and passed a bill making his “unfair” and the numbers have risen ever since. Grow up and look in the mirror, you are a racist.
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2Gyrlzandacam Productions

I would be offended if any of your grammatical errors made any sense let alone your logic. Are you receiving a check from NEWT? He was an idiot as speaker of the house just like you are illiterate proven in this response. Call me racist if you want. I don’t take offense to people who are clearly reaching because of the fact that they are clueless of the issues at hand and just want to jump on the bandwagon of tea baggers and buffoons that simply hate the fact that a BLACK man is running the country. I bet you think that Bush did a great job too. And let’s not talk about the the couple in Seattle stealing government funds. Don’t want to hear that hugh. Did you watch the video? No! You are single minded because you are responding to this thread like Newt is your little brother who I pushed off the monkey bars at three o’clock. Please refer to webster and a thesaurus for the next time you want to respond out of anger. Sorry the truth hurts. Why don’t NEWT suggest some new books, computers, programs for lower income families to have the capabilities to learn, market, or network in order to achieve. Suggesting children to push a mop instead of learning to type is holding the community back. Shouldn’t their goals be a little higher than the community bathroom stall? You are a closet KLAN member. How about that. Naaaaaaa, i take that back. At least they knew how to organize. BYE HATER! GO OBAMA!!! How am I am a racist if my race was the one that has been oppressed? WAITING??? That 40 acre and a mule bit is not selling hun! MESSAGE!!!!!!
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2Gyrlzandacam Productions

Robert Hensley DUDE… The first thing that Pops up on your page next to your handle is “SLAVE” now who is the RACIST! HYPOCRITE… DUMMY….. IDIOT! FOOL!
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HeavyHaul Tmg Shut up stupid
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard cut the strings you puppet
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Stacey Holliday what is a bamma?
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard NEWT!
Yesterday at 10:12am · Like

HeavyHaul Tmg I’m a hopin u been spayed
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard spell check fool….
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard where are you… in mobile? i know mississippi is right around the corner… got you sheets with holes under your desk?
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Stacey Holliday be nice, or don’t be at all.
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard was he nice making that idiot comment last night? sounded a little racist if you ask me….
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard and tell dumb heavy to find a better retort than “shut up” it only makes me speak harder… DECIPHER that
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Monique Inthemixwithtre Dillard you tell your mentor to grab a book and a toilet bowel brush because the words he speaks is pure manure. is that nice?


Now take that to the bank and cash it like your Peoples in Seattle that are robbing the government’s funds living in million dollar homes and traveling on OUR tax dollars. HYPOCRITE!


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