Internet Stalkers, Convicted Criminals, and Pedophiles on Twitter and Facebook

This internet thug aka social misfit thinks that the truth will be silenced. He begged wordpress to remove this and guess what… It’s back. And this isn’t the only place CHUMP! See below for those who know and don’t know the truth about a 42 year old man that hides behind the computer and abuses women, children, but hides from men and his own children with his sidekick tramp smut girlfriend who steps out of pocket on the regular. GOTCHA!!!

Here is an update on the deadbeat dad that many seem to have in their lives. You would think that after four years behavior would change or that this particular DEADBEAT would feel ashamed of himself for his actions or lack there of. We have seen this particular deadbeat break the law while stomping on the hopes and joys of his own children all in the name of vanity and pride. Not to mention that this social reject stays behind the computer himself and stalk women who are 10-15 years younger professing that he has a business that has not generated an income since 2007. Let’s not talk about how you can google this fool and see his privates and pictures of himself in compromising positions. Let’s not talk about the letters that he writes to the Department of Human Services to obtain food assistance using the names of EVERY female he meets and uses the profits to buy hotel rooms and get his own rocks off of cam girls from out of town that don’t know any better. A social misfit that sits behind the computer stating that he is in the adult entertainment industry but done even know how to work Microsoft Office or spell.

It doesn’t matter to Fruit Punch because he shows it to children as he whispers in their ear, “this is my legacy and it is for you.” He waits until all adults are out of the house to stalk the 13 year old while he is online playing his Xbox with friends with his embellishments. He knows full well that after threatening bodily harm to the mother of his children and caregiver, along with the assistance of his live in lover as well through text and harassing emails, that any sane person would not allow their children to be placed in a harmful environment. But this wolf in sheeps clothing promised that they will be coming to stay with him and his whore of a failed mother for spring break all to brag about the new home that they will destroy. IN THE GHETTO once again. Funny thing is….. the children know that he is full of it because they know the truth. They just want video games because that is all that he has to offer. A one year membership. I mean come on son…. the boy almost got stabbed and was in the middle of you and the 250 pound felon in a heated argument the second day in a row. This guy has spent the last five years “getting his life together” as he professes to build an empire for all FIVE of his namesakes.

A 42 year old man who refuses to use condoms and impregnates women from state to state tossing them and his spawn aside. He beats women and then blames them for making him do it. He has never owned a thing in his life, discharged from the army dishonorably, and will not even visit his mother who is stricken with cancer. He will take a bus to New York, North Carolina, and New Jersey to chase a porn dream that will never happen. He pays no child support for any of his kids but he manipulates them. He tries everything in his power to turn them against their mothers or guardians. The very people who is doing his job, raising his children, motivating, feeding, nurturing. He damns everyone because he is a big skinny LOSER! Sam harbors criminals, cheats the government for public assistance and makes $60 annually but refuses to buy a book or socks for his sons, let alone tampons or training bras for his two daughters. This loser and his side hoe have since moved from their roach infested apartment in the belly of the ghetto and onto another ghetto with her children in which he supports. Buying a new Ipad is more important than getting his son a shirt for the JROTC dance. Go figure. But this chauvinist pig will happily get on the phone and promise his sons the world….. boots, debit cards, a day out with them, all empty promises never fulfilled. And you guessed it, he tries in every attempt to turn the boys against their mother or embed lies into minors heads as to why he is such a DEAD BEAT!! He is so predictable. He hasn’t been in contact since his children fled his home in fear for their lives at 10pm and had to stand across the street at a cemetery to be picked up. The FELON Nicloe hoe Damon was trying to stab him. As her kids are used to the ciaos, these two idiots did not realize that the other two boys were gone. It took them ten minutes, a blunt, and the police questioning to realize that they have had ten too many domestic disturbances at their residence. Child protective services had their eye on them the whole time. Now who is negligent? Question: If your ex calls you and threatens you repeatedly along with his live in convicted child abuser and felon, damns your dead family members, and hasn’t paid child support in over five years consistently (video games do not count), how would you react?

LOSER DEADBEAT FATHER OF FIVE and his side hoe CONVICTED FELON and CHILD ABUSER play tag team stalking pages of women and then in turn calls them stalkers. Well the proof is in the pudding.

Check out The INTERNET GANSTA TRICK ON THE SIDE!!!!! I had to handle this country wanna be cam gyrl slash west Virginia prostitute soliciting hoe. And by the way, she thought she could catch the orange line to West Virginia to meet a disillusioned potential JOHN that she advertized to on Craigslist. GUTTER TRAMP!

This trick stalked my Facebook so I had to go HAM on this bobble head…….the one he beats!! CHECK THE THREAD OUT and her MUGSHOT on MUGSHOTS.COM…


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Do you think Im pressed about this shit??? Please get off my dick!! you and your chick are internet thugs, you hide behind your blog, twitter, and facebook. Nobody you know knows me and could probably give two fucks about this. In the time you took to dig this up you could’ve been doing something constructive.Ive been to jail so what and will go again.All that heroin your junkie dead mother did when she was pregnant with you really fucked you up!
about an hour ago • Like

Darell Damon • Friends with

Not a half bad shot, but what can I say I make anything look good lmao.
about an hour ago • Like

Inthemixwithtre ousted the stalker…. well… honey… learn to spell for one.. for two.. i know the email you sent from an noted abuser’s facebook page saying you are concerned and crying because a woman put the truth in your face mad you mad enough to call her out to the monkey bars after three made you soooooooooooo mad. it shows that you have no class talking about someone that has left this earth. since you choose to repeat the rantings and development of the man that beat you and smashed your face in order to what…. make me mad…. well honey.. it shows that you are a lowlife inter gent that comes from the gutter and your true judgement will come when you meet your maker. obviously, you do care enough to make a comment on this tread. this is public record and this information was passed along to me. i think it is funny as hell. and internet thug.. well that chick has a whole thread of you making threats to beat her up and actually making comments that male pedophiles make in reference to her son so who is the sicko. nothing you do or say will make me stoop to your level. it is just good to know that you are a fake and phony. what you need to do is concern yourself with the reason why the police has been to your house 5 times since June. Also worry about your other records. Damn gyrl… convicted for child abuse too… and for being evicted… LOW CLASS. The three mug shots lady….. you look like a horse that needs to be put down. Why did you send me an email from Samuel Gibson’s facebook account last night. you were on another different kick then. Shame that this is all public record though. I know the law HONEY.. did he tell you? ohhhhhh… Is this the same chick that was on the phone crying about bring elbowed in the temple? nawwwwwwwww….. Got some advice for you….. GO GET A HIV and HERPES test STAT…. Concern yourself with that. And you have my number as you stated……. so why didn’t you call me? HUMMMM…. oh wait there is more, but i think i’ll save that for later. Now go take some grammar classes and learn what sentence structure is…… or just use spell check dummy! Don’t confuse me with your incarcerated girlfriend that you send money to for her Christal meth addiction. Go pop some pills cuz you are obviously anxiety riden. country bobble head. and please, don’t call me out to “COME SEE YOU” in the streets. you have to be more cleaver than that…

Inthemixwithtre …. ladies and gentleman… this is how you weed out the stalkers……ROTF!!!!! NOTE TO SELF!!!!
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Inthemixwithtre and get a wig that’s not so obvious. yacky doesn’t do you well. geeze!
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Neither of these two can read or write. They both spend time on twitter doing nothing but stalking others sites. The damn the dead, speak and exuberant amount of fallacies, and prey on young girls that think they are in the PORN industry to submit videos and pictures to them for I don’t know what. These fools sure don’t make a profit. Neither are from Washington, DC but is running the name in to the ground. Everyone dislikes them, and they are dirty trifling foul as they show children porno and film in their dirty ass apartments in the gutters of DC. Going on the fourth dirty hole with your bedbugs. Oh.. blkpoppie_i87 on twitter…. Can’t work Microsoft office but sure can envy everyone else. Did I tell you he likes to pour chocolate on his body and tease gay men on camera? TRUTH…

AND THERE IS MORE!!!!!!!!!! FruitPunch aka SAM is going around to all websites seeking a seek and assist order for removal of the TRUTH! But he can’t hide from it… BAMMA! Go back to CAMDEN!


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