TWITTER IS HIS MASK: Don’t be Fooled by Fruit Punch aka Blkpoppie_187

Who you callin a bitch?  Yes you guessed it.  Another installment of yet one of many ignorant conversations with a deadbeat father who thinks that manipulating children and praying for their downfall is gratification for being kicked to the curb with a trash and duffel bag.  The difference between Fruit Punch and this blog is that one is factual and the other is word vomit.  You make the decision.  This dude has many aliases along with many children spread in all four corners of the United States of America which makes him very elusive yet trifling to say the least.  Any woman that is smarter than he, or contradicts his fallacious fairytales spun into life stories please beware.  He will either hit you, spit on you, lie, cheat, steal, or threaten to get his sister to retaliate.  If this cowardly poor excuse for a species didn’t use this ace card on a regular, someone may take him seriously.  Since everyone that he has been in contact with runs away like a hooker at a nun convention, he has no one to beat or manipulate in the flesh. Instead he uses twitter as his soap box.  He stands on it daily and talks about absolutely nothing.   Maybe Xbox and Dallas but that is just about it.  He randomly picks on young ladies that are in the adult industry or cam girls professing to be a scholar in pornography   He has stolen some women’s websites and pictures for his own personal gain.  Don’t get it twisted, he makes no money but says he does.  Camilly Entertainment is nothing but a front of a failed business that hasn’t been in operation legally since 2008.  The loser holds no computer skills what so ever to keep a sight full and running.  His lack of business sense will not allow profit for this pipe dream that he can’t let go of.  It is a wonder why he has moved five times within the last five years.  There is no stability and he is hustling backwards.  Porn is a chore for him, not a business. 

Unfortunately there are other means of communication for a 42 year old boy that sits at home and picks fights with people on twitter claiming to be a video producer and porn king.  This fool has watched too many episodes of Seymour Butts and thinks that he is going to be rich by masking a phony business on twitter.  Yes I said phony.  Please boys and girls do not believe for one second that “CAMILLY Ent” is a legit business. Click all links and you will find that his pages are under construction.  Yep, been that way for the past five years.  It will always be under construction because there is nothing to construct.   Please do not pass this fool any pictures of yourself, your girlfriend, or your website because listen up, it is a fake.  Just go to the website and you will see a host of typos and grammatical errors.  Sam aka blkpoppie_187 was a product of the “no child left behind” act.  They had to pass him along in high school.  Poor guy got discharged from the military for cheating on his wife with the wife of another and then tried to muster up an education in the states.  Poor guy couldn’t even hack it in community college.  I know this for a fact because this big sucker cried bucket tears in my car one morning screaming that his then wife wouldn’t let him finish.  What kind of bitchassness is that?  Come on chump.  Aren’t you a man? 


In my previous blog I had to oust this lowlife deadbeat along with his prostitute whore of a live in lover because of their internet stalking.  It is very detailed as a result of child neglect, child pornography, child endangerment, and personal threats on other parties.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the live in lover referenced knows the truth about this buster brown leech because of her continuous silence thereafter.  Just to give the audience a hint of how much of a sissy this guy is, I’ll rattle off some of the stuff that he repeats to his ex-wife.  Little does he know that we both sit and laugh at him every time because it is like the sun?  It will rise no matter how much it rains.  Sissies and chumps that can be grouped with narcs and turncoats just can’t help themselves.  Prime example below of how this bucked tooth turncoat chump texts his ex-wife bitching about his live in lover. Who wants to hear all this nonsense of you having your electric cut off the month of February and the month of April?  Who cares?  Who cares if you are about to get evicted?  That is not my problem.  Especially when you are boasting that you make 60k a year and that you have been at your job for three years.  You can tell when a loser gets something positive.  This is the first time in a decade that this chump consistently held down a job and now he is the lion king.  All she wants to hear is when he is sending child support but a sister has to hear a daytime soap script as an excuse as to why he hasn’t sent child support in four years. 

This dude texts like a schoolgirl who got dumped by the football jockey.

Sam:  Hey, Nicole left me with the kids and went to North Carolina with her gay friend, stole my last $40 and video camera.  I’m going to lock the doors and now you can give the boys a key.

Sam:  Hey, I hate these kids of hers, they ate all the pizza and I spent my last $20 on it.

Sam:  Until you respect me, I will not send money for my children to eat.

Sam:  I’m going to get my sister to beat you up.

There is more gang but I would have to get an editor and spend a weekend in the mountains to fill you in.  Let’s just say that this sorry excuse for a man is western civilizations’ enigma.  He is a walking contradiction.  In the past five years he has been claiming to get himself together so he can effectively be a role model for at least two of his sons.  The other three children out of wedlock is not my concern.  Each year Sam has been evicted from his living quarters.  For the times he wasn’t evicted, he was infested with bed bugs that he carried from one house where he rented a room, to another apartment, to another rented room.  This guy carries a spray bottle and says that he gets rid of the bugs that way.  It is a wonder why he got his children infested with bites and sitting on a couch with no cushion.  Wait a second gang.  It gets better.  Fruit punch works for a company in Virginia where he stole three laptops and passed them off as Christmas presents.  It makes perfect sense when he brushes off theft as a personal reaction of not having a good upbringing.  He admits to stealing from his mother because he “felt a certain way”.  Get the F out of here!!  Keep this fool away from women and children.  Better yet, keep this fool away from himself.   Sam seems to have amnesia when it comes to being a loser nothing of a man.  Let me remind you buster brown.  You used to iron my clothes and make my coffee as I went to work to feed your sons chump.  I still have the dent in my leather sofa from you playing Xbox to fill your days.  Thank you so much for having dinner ready for me as well SAM!  Remember cooking my spaghetti and mashed potatoes?  My how we forget the little things.  Should I remind you more? 

If you happen to run across this sorry excuse for a brother, father, friend, man, dude, or human being, run!  There is one thing that he can do right.  Play the victim.  He looks like a child with his stripped shirt and baseball cap and he cries like a sissy who lost their ice cream cone.  Lucifer should think twice before walking past this bile outcast.  I know for a fact that this guy is a thief, a woman beater, and a habitual liar to say the least.  He continues his wrath because he hides behind a computer with his rants and threats.  His goal is to demean anyone who has a vision.  He will definitely target you if he thinks you are a threat.  Believe me, anyone with half a brain, a car, a life, love, and a good spirit is a threat to FRUIT PUNCH.  That is why he is always sour. Or maybe just a little Sweet n Tangy!  He threatens me on the regular but he knows that I will choke the life out him.  He remembers when I had his head smashed in the drywall of my apartment five years ago. This was because the Redskins beat Dallas.  Throw a bear on me and your face will meet the wall chump!   Keep it up with the treats young grasshopper.  Just keep it up. I’m losing pounds laughing.


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