Exhale and Rise

Time Time Time

We race against time on the daily

It blows my mind

Can’t break the tape, we can’t win the race

Against that time on the daily

The sun rises and it begins

That race against time, hearing that first chime

Then snooze with no time

Losing time in your mind

Try to prepare it for the umphteenth time

Oh I hate this race on the daily

Five days a week, it’s catchin up to me

It blows my mind

How time can eat away at me

Timelessly surrounded by emptiness

Superficial people in a superficial environment

This atmosphere is timeless as I race against it

Tryin to catch it on the daily I miss it.

Time Time Time

It blows my mind

Without the extracurricular I’d have no mind

So that time is my time

And I’ll blow my own mind

Against that superficial daily and week thang

I’m sometimes slowed down

Not keeping up with your speed

I’m still racin against time

Soon I’ll be ahead or catch up with time

That time spent on the daily

Fighting, living, against that time.


Monique Dillard


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