Ghetto Cinderella-The Original!!

with all the stereotypes out there

ignorance can be thrown into the air

to the wind, this is how my story begins

a story of a ghetto CinderellaImage

through the normal eyes as you look upon me

my camillion ways can deceive

what you choose to see

within me, hidden is the diversity

of a ghetto Cinderella


i’m a slave to the rhythm

tuning out your decision

there’s a preconceived premonition

so often mistaken of what i’m givin

ghetto is not what i’m livin

cinderella is my vision

two words combined is what i’m feelin

do you feel my meaning?


you say hi and my high rises

are you still there…………

wait and see how my cat pulls surprises

out of a closed bag it hypnotizes

as you choke on the thoughts i provoke

words that i present and past spoke

with the stereotypes still lingerin

and people’s ignorance still bleedin

feel this ghetto Cinderella.


hypocracy flows easily through straightened teeth

as you speak to me,

you choose to believe what you think you see.

holding on to a first impression

could be everything else but me

cuz you can’t see

what’s deep inside the core

of one’s soul and it’s intensity

that precious glass slipper

against that wretched concrete

take a deep breath and accept the mass propensity

of the thoughts of a ghetto Cinderella.


a species fixed on survivin

and continuously drivin

to reach that ever so rising horizon

which can be so tirin

it’s suprising when you come

to the point of realizing

how to make reality out of fantasizing


with your eyes open

it’s easy to see the true depth in me

hear the thoughts i think and the words i speak

share the air i breathe and you will believe

that every Cinderella has a glass slipper in her closet

can you feel me?


Written 2000

by Monique Dillard


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