Little Black Boy Scorned: Cry Wolf Why Don’t You!!!

Little Black Boy Scorned: Cry Wolf Why Don’t You!!!

This Means You

Let this delusional sociopath tell it, everyone is always picking on him. Please note that he waves his white flag after he listens to Jay Z and Kanye twenty times on repeat and decides to go HAM via text because he is having a loser day, just like the previous months full of loser days. When life is good he seems to slither his way in through text message and goes straight for the kill. What he didn’t know but now knows is that no one is listening to the dirty lies and scorned boy cries that come with a spit shower between his bucked yellow stained teeth. This embellisher constantly barks that no one can buy a house or car because he makes 69k but hasn’t had a valid driver’s license since 1999. I find it very funny how this bamma has moved six times in the past two years and is planning again. Don’t understand how a dude that lives in the scuzziest holes in the city has to rent rooms or rent in budgeted high rises in the hood. You should be rich Fruit Punch. He claims to be a Buddha but smokes weed and a list of other vices that would have him caned in some countries. For example:

 Scorned little boy sends text messages to estranged wife spilling the dirty laundry of the convicted felon and child abuser lover and porn cam girl on a daily basis with complaints about her children and how much he hates them.
 Scorned little boy seems to have a problem with his hands particularly putting them on women. (Domestic Violence)
 Scorned little boy gets fired from job for misuse of company assets. (Watching Porn)
 Scorned little boy steals laptops from job and passes them off as Christmas gifts for his children.
 Shows porn to minors
 Accused of mental and physical abuse by the children in his care
 Steals ideas from people on twitter and tries to sell them back to them three times its value
 Avoids child support by changing jobs and homes sporadically.
And if you don’t know the entire story, for good toilet reading see link below.

And the saga continues. Every time this deadbeat decides to harass, stalk, text, and manipulate his way into the realm of logical thinking beings, his convo is put into layman’s terms. It’s ridiculous and I know this but I wish this was a character in a cheap black exploitation D movie. Unfortunately this dumb donkey exists and seriously thinks that porn and ghetto mix. So this is yet another reaction to being itched by the cockroach from the deepest funky alley in the cut.

Why the third installment? He done did it again. The problem is that this deadbeat self-professed father of the year has done nothing for his son in years and is in his feelings. He decides to throw a temper tantrum by stomping his feet and beating his chest like someone is really taking him seriously. He has brought his 13 year old son no clothes, no socks, no nothing in more than two years and expects someone to just throw him on a bus by himself after he spends the night amongst a convicted child abuser and felon. Now this trick or treat sideline whore bullies 21 year olds on twitter has the nerve to call someone “thirsty”. I think she is a bit confused and accidentally spoke out loud about herself. This chick rolled her thunder thigh ass on a budget bus along with her sons all the way to DC to live with a bamma she barely knows. This thirsty trollop showed her ass, had penis in her ass and mouth while letting a skinny fraud producer video tape her on a clearance Samsung purchased at Radio Shack. Who is thirsty? The same donkey bitch that refused to feed your son when he was 11 while he nursed a broken finger. Yes people, a broken finger. Didn’t even go to the doctors and from the previous blog you can see what happened after that. For over a month the mother inquired about the logistics and was never told although the deadbeat promised his son 1k so he can be prepared for a summer trip. Upon finding out that there was no intention of any type of safety precautions taken, no clothes, no money for his son, no logistics, the trip is out of the question. What mother would allow her son to be subject to the same if not worse neglect that this sick excuse for a man has shown before?

To put it bluntly, this fool is a bitch ass. The mother even tried to mediate through another family member and when they contacted Fruit Punch aka blkpoppie_187 aka Sam, all he did was whine about being left outside with his clothes gathered nicely in a trash bag as a result of a protection order. But let this gump tell it, he is the victim. I believe his trick junkyard mutt of a girlfriend is a victim because he sets her up every time to step out of her lane and get clipped. MsMochaXXXstacy twitter cam prostitute always jumps in the street all to get run over. The convict does not know to mind her business. Maybe she believes she is relevant in any situation concerning someone else’s child because she can’t keep up with her own nor stay out of handcuffs because of her abusive and negative ways. Fall back you low level smut private home video pushers. Your extensive public records combined should be enough of your troubles. Leaving threatening messages of harmful intentions is not wise but we aren’t in the company of wise men in reference to this character. The constant makeshift threat of having your sisters handle your business through violence sounds very inviting proving a successful outcome which will not be in your favor chump. I understand what makes angry the most. The fact that every word in this reaction note is fact to your fiction and you cannot deny a single word of it. It is also the fact that you know every word that escapes your flapping gums is a big fat dirty little lie to mask the truth. You suck and you’re dirty little bull dog of a girlfriend does too. Until the next time you step out there. There’s stacks upon stacks of wretchedness these two oh so love to do. They leave an extensive paper trail.

And for your viewing pleasure……. All available through Google.

Child Abuse-Public Record

Check Fraud


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